IC-1 Inductive Amp Clamp Assy.

Replacement inductive amp clamp assembly for BVA-36, BVA-34, and BVA2000 models. Comes with 11' cables and quick disconnect.

PR-12 Infrared Printer

Replaces PR-15 printer. The next evolution in infrared shop printer technology. The most durable, reliable unit on the market, the PR-12 is the solution for easy documentation of your battery and electrical system testing results. Compatible with all Auto Meter handheld testers, a wall outlet and 12v outlet plug are included for versatile connectivity. This printer uses standard thermal paper paper to save you money and allow for easy replacement.

PR15 Infrared Printer

Portable infrared printer for use with any of the Auto Meter micro-processed handheld testers. Comes with AC wall transformer, DC cigarette lighter power cable, and thermal paper.