POWER-TEC® Absorbed Glass Mat Technology batteries provide premium performance and advanced deep cycle service for Marine, Wheelchair, RV, Emergency Lighting, Golf Cart, and other deep cycle applications. At Midstate Battery, we stock a variety of sizes and capacities for this line of American made batteries, including: 8A31DTM, 8A27M, 8A24M, and more.



     • Marine/Trolling/RV
     • Wheelchair/Medical Mobility
     • Emergency Lighting
     • Golf Cart

• Scissor/Arial Lifts
• Scrubber/Sweeper
• Motorcycle/Powersport
• Lawn & Garden/Tractor

Benefits of the Enhanced Electrolyte Suspension System:

  • Absorbs more electrolyte, protects internal components
  • Micro-porous glass separators prevent acid spills and terminal corrosion
  • 2x the cycle life of conventional designs, extending performance and life. Powers accessories longer
  • 20x more vibration protection than conventional designs. Resists vibration and electrical loading damage
  • Spillproof design enables flexible installation
  • Made in U.S.A

Click on image below to view Power-Tec Specification Sheet:

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