CROSS COUNTRY offers an extensive line of automotive, commercial and marine batteries for a variety of applications.

Automotive Batteries

Whether you're driving a 4 banger, a luxury sedan or a classic, you can count on CROSS COUNTRY batteries to deliver industry-leading life, performance, and starting power whenever you need it.

Commercial Batteries

When your vehicle is the source of your living, you need a battery you can trust. Vibration, frequent starts and stops, and constant idling can take the life right out of a battery. The CROSS COUNTY line of commercial batteries is designed to last - withstanding the most demanding of requirements.

Marine/RV Batteries

Marine/RV batteries need to be tough. They have to survive heavy vibrations, long cranking, deep discharge and a whole host of other system demands. CROSS COUNTRY batteries are up to the challenge, and will keep you powered whether you're in the water or on the road.




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