GP Series Features:

  • Maintenance free
  • Isolated seal makes for easy installation - can be put in horizontal, vertical and sideways
  • No dangerous gassing
  • Long life, low self-discharge rate and high reliability
  • Low resistance makes recharge easy and energy output more remarkable
  • Container and cover are made of flame retardant plastic
  • Cycle or standby (or float) use
  • High rate discharge construction
  • Deep discharge recoverability




Cycle Use

  • Portable VTR/TV, tape recorders, radios, etc.
  • Power tools, lawn mowers, vacuum cleaners
  • Cameras and photographic equipment
  • Portable personal computers, word processors, portable terminals, etc.
  • Portable measuring equipment
  • Portable telephone sets
  • Various power toys and hobby equipment
  • Lighting equipment

Standby Use

  • Communications and electric equipment
  • Emergency lighting equipment
  • Fire alarms and security systems
  • Various telemeter equipment
  • Office computers, microcomputers, and other office automation equipment
  • Robots, control equipment, and other factory automation equipment
  • UPS power supply
  • Emergency power supply in power generation plants and substations.

Solar Cell Power Generation

  • Water pumping systems
  • Portable power supplies
  • Small town power systems

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