MU Series Features:

  • Space-saving design
    • Batteries are housed in an iron frame, reducing installation space by 40%
    • No need for racks
  • Easy installation
    • Since two to six cells are housed in a universal, stackable, mono-block iron frame it reduces the time and amount of manpower during installation.
  • Capacity from 500Ah to 9,000Ah available by parallel connections
    • Increased flexibility for larger scalable systems which can grow with your power requirements
  • Improved corrosion resistant grids
    • Our newly developed lead-calcium-tin alloy greatly reduces grid corrosion resulting in extended life (15-20 year life expectancy in float service at 20-25°C ambient temperature).
  • Recombinant environment
    • Equalization charges are not required, reducing maintenance and labor costs



  • Telecommunications Systems
  • Central Offices
  • CO, MTSO, CEV, HUTS, Signal repeaters, and Microwave sites
  • Switch gear and control
  • Emergency power supply in power generation plants and substations
  • Power load leveling
  • Turbine power plants
  • Solar battery systems

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