Intimidator® AGM Batteries

East Penn Manufacturing's Intimidator® AGM battery line was developed to deliver highly efficient energy storage and power delivery solutions for the evolution of battery needs.

The Intimidator® line’s advanced power offering is not only becoming more important for cars and trucks, but for commercial trucks, marine vessels, electric vehicles, power sport vehicles, portable power equipment, as well as other vehicles and applications that require optimized accessory, starting, and deep cycle battery power.

At Midstate Battery, we carry Intimidator® AGM batteries for all of these applications. Learn more here:

Automotive Batteries

Commercial Batteries

Deep Cycle Batteries

Marine/RV Batteries



The Intimidator AGM Enhanced Electrolyte Suspension System:

  • Special glass mats absorb more electrolyte
  • Up to 20x more vibration protection than flooded
  • Faster recharging powers more electronics
  • 2x the cycle life of traditional batteries
  • Premium maintenance-free and spillproof design

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