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At Midstate Battery, we make it a point to carry a wide range of Power-Sonic batteries for a variety of applications. From motorcycles to snowmobiles, emergency lighting systems to alarm and back-up power systems – we’ve got the battery you need! Explore the categories below, email our sales team, or call our office to learn more about the different types of Power-Sonic batteries available at Midstate Battery, including: sealed lead acid batteries, powersport batteries, NiCd and NiMH batteries.


Power-Sonic offers a variety of sealed lead acid (SLA) batteries for an assortment of applications, including: APC/UPS Backup Batteries & Emergency Lighting/Alarm Batteries.

PS, PSG and PSH General Purpose
PHR High Rate Series
PG Long Life
DCG Power Gel Series
PDC Deep Cycle Series


The Power Sonic Super Sport Series is one of the most complete powersport battery lines available today. Three types of batteries - Conventional, Sealed Maintenance Free, and Factory Activated Maintenance Free - make it easy for you to find the perfect battery for any powersport application.

AGM: Sealed Maintenance Free, Factory Activated Maintenance Free


Power-Sonic offers a wide range of Nickel Cadmium and Nickel-Metal Hydride batteries, both as individual cells and as cell assemblies.

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