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Power-Sonic offers a wide range of Nickel Cadmium and Nickel-Metal Hydride batteries, both as individual cells and as cell assemblies. These batteries feature:

  • A broad range of cell sizes and types with capacities ranging from 60-8000mAh.
  • Exceptional performance achieved through state of the art design and a meticulously controlled manufacturing process.
  • Rugged, durable, and safe cells - vibration resistant batteries.
  • A long service life of 500-1,000 charge/discharge cycles and five years or more of trouble-free operation when used in stand-by (trickle charge) service at room temperature.
  • Uniformity of cells achieved through a quality control process that electronically screens cells as to capacity and impedance.
  • Available as cell assemblies and packs. Both cylindrical and button cells may be packaged in any configuration to meet electrical and dimensional requirements.

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