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Rescue 1060 Booster Pack, Air Compressor & Inverter


The RESCUE® 1060 Portable Power Pack is the ultimate getaway companion. It delivers 2000 peak amps of jump-starting power. It has clamp lights that help you find your way around a dark engine compartment. It has an onboard air compressor with adaptors to fill tires, air mattresses, toys and balls. It has a 300W A/C inverter, a USB port, and a work light with a flasher. Its jumper cables are over 4 ½ feet long and made of 100% copper welding cable. It has a polarity alarm, a conventional 12V power outlet, an internal battery gauge and LED status lights.

Bring this versatile booster pack on camping trips, to tailgate parties, or use it as an emergency power source during storms. No matter where you are going or what you are doing, this portable power pack will help you tackle whatever the road throws at you.

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  • 2000 peak amps
  • 12-Volt 20AH AGM battery
  • Reverse polarity protection
  • 12-Volt DC power outlet
  • Built-in charger
  • Work light and flasher
  • LED battery charging status
  • LED clamp lights
  • 55" 100% copper cables, 6 gauge
  • Air compressor with gauge and adaptors – 0.45 CFM @120 PSI
  • 300W 120-Volt Inverter with 2 outlets and 5 volt USB connection
  • USB outlet
  • Jumps 12V vehicles


Lt. Truck Car Motorcycle Power Sport Riding Lawn Mower


Download RESCUE 1060 PDF: