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Rescue 4000/4050HD Heavy Duty Booster Pack


The RESCUE® 4000HD/4050HD series Portable Power Packs for 12V Auto/Lt Truck use follows the same high quality design of the 4000 series, with the exception of a few upgraded features for added power and heavy-duty performance. 

The 62” jumper cables are made from 100% copper 2/0 welding cable (instead of 2 gauge) with 900 Amp clamps (instead of 500 Amp). Other features include reverse polarity protection with alarm and light warning, two 12V power outlets, a digital voltmeter, and an onboard battery charger.

Looking for something a little more versatile? The 4050HD model includes an onboard air compressor with a 5’ air hose, integrated air gauge and inflator. Now you can fix a flat and jump your car or light truck with one easy to use, easy to transport tool.

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  • Heavy duty upgrades to the 4000 and 4050 models - Auto/Lt. Truck
  • 2/0 gauge 100% copper cables, 62" long
  • 900 Amp clamps
  • Digital voltmeter
  • CEC compliant onboard battery charger
  • Reverse polarity alarm with light and buzzer
  • Two 12-Volt DC power outlets
  • Built for two Group 51 sealed batteries
  • Also available with onboard air compressor (4050HD model)
    • 5' air hose
    • 0.9 CFM @ 60PSI
    • Integrated air gauge and inflator


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