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Rescue 6000 Heavy Duty Booster Pack


The RESCUE® 6000 is unmatched, delivering at least 2,000 cold cranking amps to start the toughest diesel engines. Designed for extended-duty in diesel trucks, construction and agricultural equipment, fixed base operations, and other 12V/24V applications, this rugged wheel booster pack makes it easy for you to bring jump-starting power across the most rugged terrain.  

 The two onboard group 31 batteries work together to deliver up to 2,300 CCA at 12V, or about half of that at 24V, through the twin 100% copper 1/0 welding cables and 800 Amp clamps.

Other features on this heavy-duty booster pack include a professional quality analog voltmeter, an auxiliary power outlet, onboard 3-stage battery charger, and 10” pneumatic tires (making it easy to bring power to the most rugged and inaccessible places).

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  • 12/24V brute power
  • 10’ jumper cables made of 100% copper twin 1/0 (4/0 equivalent) cable
  • 800 Amp clamps
  • 10” pneumatic tires – roll it anywhere!
  • Onboard battery chargers – 3 stage, 8 Amp
  • 350 Amp auxiliary connection
  • Ideal for the toughest diesel trucks, construction and agricultural equipment
  • Professional voltmeter
    • Read battery charge level of disabled vehicles and charging unit


Tractor Trailers Construction Equipment Tractor/Farm Equipment


Download RESCUE 6000 PDF: