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Rescue Battery Chargers


Sportsman Marine/RV Batteries

  The RESCUE® Battery Chargers by QuickCable are part of the RESCUE family of professional grade products. These chargers are designed with IntelliQuick Technology to providing battery charging, jump-starting, and system maintenance for flodded, AGM, and Gel cell batteries. Made in the USA. Call for pricing!  

Features and Benefits:

  • Timed and automatic charging cycles
  • Variable output voltage settings
  • Vacuum-impregnated heavy-duty transformers
  • Multi-diode rectifiers
  • Automated cooling fans
  • Made in USA


High performance heavy-duty bench top battery charger. Designed for fleet, automotive, agricultural and powersports applications.

  • Delivers 6V-70A or 12V-60A output to handle all standard and maintenance free 6 and 12V batteries
  • 230A boost to jump start vehicles with weak batteries
  • Timer allows up to 90 minute charge time
  • 500A insulated battery clamps
  • Polarity protection with safe light technology
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Provides heavy-duty performance for applications in small shops and for DIY users, such as automotive, marine, light truck, RV and similar applications. The Q700 has the same professional features you find in all Rescue battery chargers and operates in all-weather conditions.

  • Up to 40A output at 6 and 12V
  • 200A boost to jump start vehicles with weak batteries
  • Timer allows up to 90 minute charge time
  • 400A insulated battery clamps
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This wheeled battery charger is ideal for fleet charging and is rated for outdoor use in all weather. The Q720 is a professional quality battery charger specifically designed for flooded cell and maintenance-free 6, 12, and 24V batteries. Five charger output settings allow you to fine tune the charge rate according to battery manufacturer recommendations or state of charge.

  • Output: 6V-70A, 12V-65A, 24V-30A
  • 280A boost to jump start 12V vehicles with weak batteries
  • Designed for 6, 12 and 24V charging applications
  • Timer allows up to 2 hours of charge time
  • 500A insulated battery clamps
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