At Midstate Battery, we pride ourselves on providing customers with the type of reliable, high-quality products that we would use in our own applications. That’s why we developed the Sportsman™ brand of Marine/RV batteries.

Available in a variety of sizes and capacities for Marine/RV Deep Cycle, Marine Starting, and Marine/RV Dual Purpose use, these American made batteries are guaranteed to provide you with superior performance and outstanding quality.

Because the Sportsman™ brand is exclusive to Midstate Battery, we encourage customers to call our office at (860) 243-0646 and speak with one of our battery specialists. Not only will they help you find the perfect fit for your application, but they can also connect you with a local Sportsman™ dealer in your area.


Marine/RV Deep Cycle Battery

  • Heavy duty power for trolling motors, house power, and accessory loads
  • Superior life cycle
  • Faster full recharge

Marine Starting Battery

  • Maintenance free
  • Heavy duty starting power
  • Vibration resistant design
  • Longer life

Marine/RV Dual Purpose Battery

  • Premium all purpose Marine/RV
  • Heavy duty Starting/Deep Cycle service
  • Superior quality and performance

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