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Yuasa Battery Chargers


Sportsman Marine/RV Batteries

  Charging and maintaining your battery is easier than ever with this selection of Yuasa Smart Shot automatic battery chargers. Complete with fused-ring connectors and a set of alligator clips, these chargers will keep your battery at capacity so it can provide you with the optimum power, no matter when or where you need it.. Call for pricing!  


12V, 1Amp Automatic Battery Charger/Maintainer
  • 3 stage charge cycle
  • Easy-to-use, simply attach to battery & plug it in
  • Chargers and maintains your battery
  • 3 color LED displays your charge status at a glance
  • Reaches 14.4 volt peak then automatically switches to maintenance mode
  • Designed to prevent overcharging
  • Includes quick connect adapter and alligator clips

12V, 900 mA Automatic Battery Charger
  • Fully automatic 3 level charge cycle for effective charging
  • Reaches 14.4 volt peak, then automatic- ally switches to float
  • Reverse polarity protection
  • Includes alligator clips and eyelet connectors

12V, 1.5 Amp Automatic Battery Charger
  • Fully automatic 5 stage cycle for efficient charging
  • 28-day charge recycle re-evaluates battery condition for long-term storage
  • Up to 16 volts for recovery of sulfated batteries
  • Error proof operation
  • Reverse polarity protection
  • Includes alligator clips and eyelet connectors

12V, 4Amp Automatic Battery Charger
  • Charges both conventional (flooded) and sealed (VRLA) Power- sports batteries
  • Up to 20 volts aids in recovering deeply discharged "sulfated" batteries
  • "Fast Mode" for quick vehicle set-up
  • "Normal Mode" for smaller batteries, initial activation and deeply discharged batteries
  • Diagnosis function advises if battery is damaged and will not take a charge, and alerts if charger is attached in reverse to the battery
  • Commercial Grade - perfect for Dealer/Shop use.  
  • Automatic Shut-Off.
  • Reverse Polarity Protection/Spark-free Operation. (UL/CUL approved).

10-Bank Battery Charger/Maintainer
  • Charge or maintain up to 10 batteries at a time
  • 5-stage maintenance/float charge
  • Prequalification battery test
  • Built-in timer for battery protection
  • Every 84 days charge cycle restarts
  • Constant bulk charge
  • Ideal for any 12V battery (AGM, Maintenance-free, or Conventional)



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