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We carry over 1,000 different types of battery accessories, including: crimping tools, cutting tools, battery hydrometers, and battery grippers. Looking for something in particular that you don't see listed? Call and speak with our team of battery specialists today. 

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Quick Crimpers
  8 - 4/0 gauge
  Styles   Handheld & Benchmount
  Available Sizes
  Length (in.): 19, 26, 34
  Reactive Load Technology (Bench Crimpers). Reduces crimping effort by 30%
Heavy Duty Cable Crimpers
  Cub Crimper
  8 - 1/0 gauge
   Weight: 4 lbs  |  Length: 15"  | Adjustable crimp dies. Comfort Grips.
  Hex Crimper
  6 - 4/0 gauge
  Weight: 6 lbs  |  Comfort Grips.





Cable Stripper
  Strip up to 777 MCM cable.
  Spare blade included.
Heavy Duty Cutter/Crimper
Cut, strip wire. Crimp connectors.
Cut bolts: 4-40, 6-32, 8-32, 10-24, 10-32
Cutter/Stripper with Pliers
Designed with serrated pliers.
Cut bolts: 6-32, 8-32, 10-32
Wire Strippers
Cut and strip wire gauges 24-10.
Cable Cutters
Cut up to 2/0 gauge.





Point-Style Battery Hydrometer
Dial scale with oversized markings.
Battery Hydrometer
Features tempature and float for calibrated readings. Glass tube.
Dial-Type Tester
Tests all 6, 12, and 24 volt batteries. Indicates battery charge and gravity.
Anti-Freeze Tester
Tests anti-freeze and coolant.




Scissor Battery Gripper
Carries Side and Top-Post batteries. Self-adjusting jaw fits up to Group 31 batteries. Reinforced rubber.
Golf Car Battery Strap
Designed for secure attachment to Golf Car batteries.
Battery Carrier
Carries Side and Top-Post batteries. Heavy-duty zinc-plated steel with riveted rubber grip pads. 
Safety Grip Battery Carrier - Post Terminals
Heavy-duty, acid resistant vinyl straps with plated metal parts to resist rust and corrosion.


  Other tools & equipment available include:

  • Bulb Type Battery Filler
  • 2-Quart Battery Filler
  • Battery Post & Terminal Cleaner
  • Terminal Cleaning Brushes
  • 3-way Cleaning & Cutting Tool
  • Battery Terminal Spreader
  • Post Terminal Lifter
  • Angle Nose Pliers
  • Battery Terminal Wrench

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